Wine alternatives for your Thanksgiving meal

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – In the Weekend Gardener, we learn more about some white wine alternatives you can couple with turkey and side meals.

“When we consider the Thanksgiving meal, we consider the turkey certainly,” stated Andreea Botezatu with Texas A&M AgriLife. “We consider the cranberry sauce and the stuffing and all the sides. We have this really broad variety of tastes and textures and tastes. Really really providing in regards to food and white wine pairing.”

Botezatu states Texas has a lot to provide in regards to white wine with numerous wineries making a large range of designs and types.

“Starting with the turkey, if you’re a gewurztraminer individual I would suggest something like a chardonnay, which is a fuller body white wine. If you wish to choose Texas red wines, I would suggest a Viognier or a Roussane for instance.”

If you choose red white wines, Botezatu states “choose a lighter body white wine so you do not overwhelm your food on the table. Traditionally I would state a pinot noir. Again, if you’re concentrating on Texas red wines then choose a Cinsaut and even aDolcetto These are a few of my preferred reds inTexas They’re really fruity, really light, so really simple to couple with food.”

For dessert, she suggests a prepared white wine.

“You might choose a Madeira, which is a prepared white wine, or a port design white wine too,” statedBotezatu “We have 2 fantastic wineries in the area that produce these sort of white wine: Haak and Messina Hof.”

Check out more from Botezatu on her You Tube channel here.

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