WF City Council votes no for Farmers Market Association alcohol sales

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – City council rejected a demand to permit the Wichita Falls Farmers Market Association to offer alcohol. It’s a choice that surprised the association.

“For the association, I would similar to to reveal our surprise at the 6-1 vote and our dissatisfaction,” Carol Castro, secretary of the Wichita Falls Farmers Market Association, stated. “We came here anticipating it was going to get authorized since we had the frustrating assistance of Onelife and likewise the surrounding associated Baptist church.”

The Farmers Market Association was wanting to get approval from the city board to permit their suppliers to offer alcohol, however the movement did not pass after 6 councilors voted no and one select to stay away.

“Horseshoe Bend Cellars is really dissatisfied in the outcome of the veto of the city regulation for alcohol within 300 feet of a church,” Gabriele Poenitzsch, General Manager at Horseshoe Bend Cellars Vineyard and Winery, stated.

” I believe everybody had various sensations about the thinking behind that,” Stephen Stanellana, Mayor of Wichita Falls, stated. “Some individuals was because of the church impact, some individuals didn’t believe it certified with the TABC difference.”

Texas state law restricts the sale of alcohol within 300 feet of a school, church or healthcare facility, however the association had assistance from the surrounding churches.

“Pastor Ron was quite in favor of us having the ability to offer throughout the farmers market occasions and hours to have the wineries there,” Castro stated. “There was likewise letters provided to the council from the surrounding Baptist church in assistance in getting the difference of this regulation passed.”

Association members were puzzled and distressed with the choice. They stated council has actually authorized other regulations comparable to this one, however council members do not think you can make the contrast.

“Two or 3 times a week selling of an item instead of a one time a year of an intake of an item, I believe a few of the council members essentially put those as an apple to oranges scenario,” Santellana stated. “Everything needed to satisfy a particular requirements in their mind and a particular requirements with the TABC and they didn’t see it as one of those requirements like to waive that. It would not be an excessive challenge on that church.”

Representatives with Horseshoe Bend Cellars stated this choice will have an unfavorable influence on regional services.

“The reason we asked city board to put it on the program is since it would assist small companies, specifically at the farmers market, given that we grow whatever on sight in addition to other wineries in the location,” Poenitzsch stated. “Especially for all the other suppliers when we revive red wine celebration once again. It was a popular occasion at the farmers market and we were attempting to do that once again.”

Santellana stated they required to hear more info from all celebrations included to feel comfy in authorizing it. He stated he is open to having this as a program product in the future.

For the Farmers Market Association, they had a contingency strategy in location in case this didn’t get authorized and stated they will be aiming to work out that alternative quickly.

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