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Vintage Barbie. A very special gurl.
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Cheerleaders in lust. One of my favs also
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i might even join the site!
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Sofia Valentine is amazing. She is a very nice lady in real life. Met her at a party in Groningen where she was the DJ. She has quit porn and is a Full Time DJ now.
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so lutsche ich dir auch einen,nur melden und abspritzen
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Amazing compilation.
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Thank you for the post. Whoever "Abby" was (IDK the "stage names" of the performers these days, not actively LOOKING at porn as much as I used to, making it, in a TOTALLY amateur sense WAY more so than the films I did in my 20s, BRIEFLY, yes, but cruising & watching it, sure, just not as MUCH). ANYWAY, so I thought to myself after the scene, and I know that the scenarios in porn are borderline if not totally ridiculous, about as real and likely as the average pair of cup FFF fake boobies lol, but I also know that chicks DO have little "parties" to buy and sell lingerie, toys etc, not so much tupperware anymore lol. They just probably don't turn out like THIS in reality, most often. But I thought to myself, "wow, men are kinda deprived in that way, why don't WE get parties to buy & sell sex type shit?" AND THEN common sense returned to my slow witted male mind and I realized, "OH FUCK, well, actually, for MY sexual orientation and preferences (which is certainly not 100% of all dudes by any stretch, & I personally don't judge or condemn ANY preference etc, as long as it's LEGAL, Fuck you Jeffery Epstein. Tangent sorry I won't get started about that MONSTER) ANYWAY, for my particular taste and comfort zone, I realized "...ya, OK, PROBABLY not such a hot idea, having a bunch of testosterone driven dudes all sitting around a table of sex toys looking around without a single female present. LOL. But that's just me. Sorry for the book here, but my girl laughed her ass off at the sentiment and said I HAD to share it, so, there you go. I'll pretty much do WHATEVER she says, lol. Now I just pray that the wife doesn't see this. LOL. If anyone sees & READS it til this point, may good fortune, good sex, and happiness be in your immediate future....
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What is the name of the actress and the movie?
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Boy, these movies are really GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't watched the seeding movies yet but will.
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