Denison hosts television Munson red wine walk and mural unveiling

DENISON, Texas (KXII) – On Saturday, wine-lovers of Denison honored their regional hero, Thomas Volney Munson.

The individuals of Denison collected around Main Street as the Munson household and Denison Sister Cities Board revealed a commitment for the brand-new television Munson mural. The city offered over 100 tickets to honor television Munson, a Denison local who was granted the French Legion of Honor in the 1800 ′ s.

“It was absolutely worth it,” stated Susie Munson, previous chairman ofDenison Sister Cities “[The mural] was filled with love and anticipation, and all our home town heroes here in Denison matter a lot to everybody here.”

The mural showcases the historic accomplishments of television Munson, who was popular for conserving the French red wine market by treating grape phylloxera, which is an illness understood to harm grapevine rootstocks several years back.

The mural honors television Munson and the 30th anniversary of the sibling cities, Denison andCognat In addition, the city hosted its yearly red wine walk occasion, where individuals can drink red wine and store to their heart’s material.

“It was truly interesting as we were installing the balloons for the red wine walk,” Denison Main Street Director Donna Dow stated. “All of business owners were out, and they were all in high spirits”

Also in high spirits, members of the Munson household made a look at the occasion.

Along with Susie Munson, Kathryn Munson Beach and her kids Kathryn Munson Beach II, Thomas Elijah Beech II, and Mary Margaret Beach signed up with to pay their aspects to their renowned relative.

” I can’t inform you how happy I am of my home town,” Kathryn Munson Beach stated. “I’m here to honor my forefather Thomas Volney Munson and his achievements, and share that with my kids today and my household.”

For an opportunity to appreciate the honorary art work, go to the Horse’s Axe Building in Dension.

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